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Are you ready to take your operation to the next level and leverage the power of data?  We are experts in value invention by leveraging the latest hardware & software technologies with operational expertise

Value Invention Process

The Value Invention Process lies at the core of Process IQ’s offering to the industrial sector.  We believe in providing services, hardware and software that improves the economics of your operation.  We believe in forming partnerships and to never leave our clients on their own.  We don’t sell products, we offer value.

The VIP Platform™ offering empowers the Value Invention Process and can add huge economic value to your operation.  Not just pretty graphs & graphics but results driven architecture.

Big Data Storage & Analysis

VIP Historian™ enables efficient storage and analyses of data from thousands of instruments and sensors. VIP Historian™ is built on top of open-source software to provide state-of-the-art technology with long term core global support. With VIP Historian™ your operational data is stored securely with easy access and querying

Live Analysis of your Operation

VIP Vision™ is a time-series analytics platform which can integrate with any existing data sources including the VIP Historian™.  VIP Vision™ is focussed on visualisation and analytics of big data using state-of-the-art technologies.  Large amounts of complex data are reduced to simple and intuitive dashboards, graphs and KPI’s. Live operational data is available anywhere in the world on any device of your choosing.

Insights at your command

VIP Insights™ enables enterprise-wide data integration, analysis and reporting.  It was built with the end-user in mind, specifically for the mining & minerals industry.  Use cases range from metal accounting to a complete analyse & improve solution

Our unique products can leverage your data to achieve operational excellence

Data Automation

Minimise or eliminate the manual handling of data, spreadsheets, log sheets, etc

Decision Automation

Develop rules from actionable insights and implement automated decisions that work

Alerts / Event Analysis

Be notified of your production environment alerts

Data Integration

Integrate from many different sources into a single- source of truth


Enterprise Reporting 

From enterprise reporting to business improvement.  Integrate all data holistically to drive your projects

Metal Accounting 

Automated data aquisition, auditable changes. Fast, easy, cost-effective

Analyse & Improve

Measurements and KPI tracking.  Tailor-made for business improvement

Insights for Managers

Insights to understand your operations and pin-point problems and implement solutions fast

Mathematical Modelling 

Real-time Mathematical Modelling

Data Historian

Leverage fast time-series data integration, transmission and warehousing

Time-series Data

Advanced yet practical, user-friendly and cost-effect data analysis tools designed

Custom Developments

We can assist with nearly any idea to do with cloud-computing, big data, etc.

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